Choose Well

Choose Well is designed to help people identify the correct service for their needs.

A&E and 999 services are for life-threatening and emergency conditions only. For minor illness and injury use one of the services below:

CUTS/STRAINS/ITCHES/SPRAINS: If you need help quickly or suddenly feel ill but are not a 999 emergency use a minor injury and illness unit or walk in centre.  

VOMITING/EAR PAIN/SORE TUMMY/BACK ACHE: When you have an illness or injury that won’t go away, contact your local GP for an appointment. For help out-of-hours phone your GP and follow the recorded instruction.

DIARRHOEA/RUNNY NOSE/PAINFUL COUGH/HEADACHE: For advice on common illness and best medicines to treat them use a pharmacy. Text “pharmacy” to 64746 for three free texts with details of you nearest pharmacy.

If you become ill or injured make sure you choose the right NHS service.

 A visit to A&E costs, on average, £93 per patient. Don’t waste NHS money, see your GP.

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