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The Social Prescribing Team

What is the social prescribing team?

We have teamed up with the social prescribing team. This is to give our patients help and access to the right kind of support to meet their needs.

What do they do?

Once being referred by the GP, the social prescribing team allocate the patient to the best member of the team to support the patient. They also know exactly what resources are available in the community for the patient.

Meet the Team

Here at Dr Haque surgery we have 3 Social Prescribers. Mark Turnbull, Anais Allerton and Paul King.


If you suffer from hearing loss, you are not alone. Hearing loss is very common and affects a lot of people.

Audiology offer a full range of Audiology services, helping you find the right solution to managing your hearing.

What do they offer?

The audiology team offer things such as : screen tests, hearing assessments, hearing aids and micro-suction wax removal.

Your next step to booking an appointment

You can get in touch to make an appointment with these details below.

Eyecare at 125

125 Prince Edward Road

South Shields

NE34 8PJ

Or call

0191 814 6868

The Doctors of the World

Doctors of the World is pleased to offer translated resources on a range of health topics, in a variety of formats and in up to 61 languages. These are available to share and download for free. Follow this link for more information: Translated health information for patients – Doctors of the World

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